Un Distribuidor Automático adaptado a su demanda

¡En depósito gratuito!

Un Distribuidor Automático adaptado a su demanda

¡En depósito gratuito!


The Sporting Goods Vending Machine

From our experience of the world of swimming, the sporting goods vending machine is an innovation in the world of services, and in the distribution of specialty items.

At any time of day, at the place of practice of your favorite activity (swimming, ice skating, etc.) you can add to your equipment, get new items, or simply overcome your forgetfulness through TOPSEC Equipment vending machines.

All self service, and with our machines featuring the largest display available on the vending machine market, we enable you to easily access a selection chosen according to each place of practice (example: pool under “swim caps mandatory” rule). This allows you to find the ideal product, anywhere, while ensuring an excellent quality/price ratio with our products SWIND products!

Additionally, since its inception in 1999, our vending machine has largely evolved, constantly adapting to your needs. Providing the best service is our priority, a commitment to continuous innovation.

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