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Hotels – Spas

Do you manage a hotel, a Spa or a thalassotherapy centre that features recreational or relaxation aquatic areas?

TOPSEC Equipment will enable you to meet your needs and expectations, from the implementation of rules (board shorts prohibited in the pool) to the supply of services (forgotten items, etc.).

Rule: board shorts prohibited

Rule: board shorts prohibited

For hygienic and health reasons, your business does not allow board shorts, but you don't want to discourage your male customers? Give them a simple solution of swim briefs and shorts available for sale at your pool. Simple and effective, our Vending Machines offer standard models available to all, without any intervention on your part!
Helping out when your customers forget things

Helping out when your customers forget things

Do you want to enable your absent-minded customers to to get their gear at your pool, or merely prevent them from leaving due to a simple oversight? Offer them a simple panel stocked with water items, suitable for every budget!


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