In 1999 Thierry Alimondo, former captain of France’s national water polo team, and his father Guy, Director of Sports, imagined this unique concept for public pools: the ideal solution to support the implementation of new hygiene measures in public pools, particularly the obligation to wear a swim cap. By founding TOPSEC EQUIPMENT in 2000, Thierry Alimondo wanted to move into a new line of work following his athletic career and two time Olympic appearances: he saw this as a way to give back to the sports world that gave him his chance and also to run the company that would earn him a living.

In 2010, the company launched its SWIND brand of products, with a limited range for vending machines and an expanded catalog for its other sales channels (clubs, hotels, campgrounds, spas, thalassotherapy spas, etc.).

In the winter of 2011, TOPSEC EQUIPMENT met the expectations of ice rinks by launching, under the SWIND Ice brand, the first vending machine of articles for the rink: gloves and socks to be able to get out on the ice, fluorescent sticks and gadgets for having fun there, and technical accessories for sports equipment. Starting in 2012, the TOPSEC vending machine enabled the first rinks to mandate the wearing of gloves for better protection in case of a fall.