Founded in early 2000, TOPSEC EQUIPMENT, is headquartered on the Rue de la Baignade, in Vitry-sur-Seine (Val de Marne)

With our unique vending machines service, our company offers a pro shop of swimming articles that on its own, through integrated management can serve all practitioners, swimmers, and visitors to sports centers.

Today, TOPSEC Equipment equips over 1,200 pools in France and 250 abroad (Benelux, Ireland, Switzerland)

Key Figures

1.5 Million

Each year, our vending machines serve over 1.5 million consumers

50 People

TOPSEC Equipment employs almost 50 people, half of whom are in the field serving swimming pools and consumers

93% of all public Swimming Pools!

We currently manage a fleet of 1500 vending machines equipping over 93% of cities with over 20,000 inhabitants, and have over 60% market share in swimming pools open to the public.

14 Regional offices

Our logistics force is deployed in France in 14 regional offices and 4 national offices, where it provides service daily.