Sense of service

Each person at TOPSEC was chosen for their sense of service. Serving over 2 million consumers each year, thanks to this spirit and this customer sensitivity is the main pillar our company’s values. This is the cornerstone of our philosophy.


Going beyond the service and committing to keep our promises, this is still a fundamental feature of our company culture. Each of us feels responsible to our customers and to our partners. Each of our actions, our decisions, and our projects are carried out in a spirit of sustainable development, with each of our partners, customers, and suppliers around us.


Having the desire to make sports available to the greatest number of people, we need to tackle the different issues of progress by innovating. Being able to create, propose new solutions, and new products has been part of our identity since the birth of TOPSEC. The creation of vending machine concept for sporting goods is the daily witness of this.


While some companies seek to become ever grander and bigger, TOPSEC has made the bold gamble to be closer to the people. Proximity comes at a price and today we can be proud to have taken the gamble in reducing the size of a store in order to be closer to the practice area with our vending machine. Inscribed naturally in our genes, boldness acts as a motor for each of us.

Customer Satisfaction

Every year, we increase the quality of our products and services, and therefore improve the satisfaction of our customers. Without this recognition, all our values ​​would come to nothing, and that is why we strive to deliver the best product and the best service at all times.


To provide monitoring and sales for 1,200 vending machines in France, our teams must be organized and far-sighted, but also agile. In fact, the best algorithms and inventory management software have repeatedly shown their limits when faced with the exceptional factors of the demand reality. Our teams must constantly deal with this in order to enable more than 2 million people to buy equipment as they go to the pool, at any time of the year, in a big city or in the countryside, we must offer the same quality of service every time.


As a very small business, and then a small-to-midsized business, our company has been enriched by the experience of people from all walks of life, all cultural, ethnic, and social backgrounds. Always been convinced that unity is strength, our company founder Thierry Alimondo, former captain of France’s national water polo team, has always had a strong desire to give a chance to anyone willing to respect the values ​​of sport and those of his business. Made rich through this diversity, TOPSEC today enjoys a human dimension and an openness to the world that allows it to be ambitious and daring.

It is from this diversity that TOPSEC draws its strength.


Excellence and sport are intertwined, and even merge. Exceeding your opponent in the race or delivering the best possible service comes back to the same goal: to be the best at what we do. This desire, permanently instilled in us by our President, former captain of France’s national water polo team, is expressed in each of our businesses at every stage of our value chain. Through this desire, we make ourselves stand out today and we can thus respect each of our values.